Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things Mommy Needs!

Since becoming a mom there are a few products that I have found to be essential!
I hope they make your journey into mommyhood just a little bit easier.
Nosefrida --- Worlds greatest nasal aspirator. Seriously folks, throw out the bulb this is the only thing you need! Can be purchased online or at most Target stores.

Moby Wrap--- This is a mothers (or daddys) best friend! I love mine. I only wish I would have found it sooner. I didn't get one until my little one was 7 months old and it would have been wonderful to have had when he was a little colic filled screaming infant! There is really nothing more soothing to your baby than being all wrapped up right next to you. Wear it at home doing chores, wear it shopping (Hands free!) wear it where ever you go! You can also nurse very discretely in this wrap!
*I also recommend that you get a sling as well. They are great for quick trips and wearing baby for less than an hour. If you are planning to wear baby longer than an hour use the wrap or you will be worn out! I have a Native Baby Sling, I really like it. (Look on ebay or amazon before you buy, you may find a better deal!)
Wipe Warmer --- My baby was VERY sensitive to wipes, so I bought a TON of baby washcloths, I would wet them and stick them in the wipe warmer. That way they were ready when I needed them and they were already warm! I hung a mesh dedicates bag on my hamper and that is where the "stinky" ones went until I did laundry...(which was every 5 min!) :-)
Hooter Hider ---- Get one, buy one, make one! The choice is up to you, you just have to have one! I like the one with the hard plastic rib making it easy to view the baby. They come both ways so that is up to you. My dear friend actually makes these, you can check them out on her blog


Lanolin --- You find this with the breast feeding supplies, there are several different brands, I think I have used them all! The only one I didn't care for was made by Medela, I thought it was greasy. Start using this a couple months before you deliver. There are a lot of wives tales about "roughing up" to prepare yourself for nursing, this is crazy! All you need to do is apply some lanolin once a day, and once you are nursing apply after each feeding until you feel you don't need it anymore. It is totally fine for baby, you don't need to wash it off before feeding.


Breast pads ---- I have seriously used them all. My absolute favorite are Playtex Nursing Necessities, I used to get them at Target or Walmart... that reminds me... I need to start stalking up on these! I also have several sets of washable pads, once you have your "leaking" down these are great! They get softer every time you wash them.

***Mastitis- I was fortunate enough to have had a perfect experience. I never had a clogged duct or mastitis, but if you do the cure all seems to be VITAMIN C, my mom is the expert on this one. Start loading up with 1000 mg every 4 hours and keep nursing!
Arms Reach Co-Sleeper --- get the original, the mini is just that, MINI!
Bottles --- My favorite was the Nuk Orthodontic, it saved our "nursing relationship" when I was working and switching between breast and bottle. It is shaped like the breast and hole is on top so the baby has to work for it, a little more like the breast.
My BFF loved Dr.Browns, I did not try these so I can't say but I have heard a lot of good things about these bottles. They are really supposed to reduce gas.
Nursing Tanks --- Target is the place for these. They are a great price and they come in white, black and gray. Get one of each and wear them under all your favorite pre-pregnancy tops. You can nurse anywhere and your middle will always be covered! I LOVE THESE!! I wore them every day when I found them!
**This is not a necessity but I discovered this bra late in nursing, it is leak proof and you only need to wash it every couple of days. It is hand wash and it runs small so order up if you get one. I also found this great tank on Ebay, it has hooks instead of straps so you can attach it to any bra and your middle is covered! (I can't find them now, but I will keep looking for a link.)
Boppy --- You need one if you are nursing or bottle feeding. I am serious, register for it!
Medela breast pump --- I got one at a resale shop, bleached and boiled everything that I couldn't replace, and I was good to go. It is so old and it still works great. I would love to have a new one but for now that's the one I have. You will need this even if you don't work, if you don't pump you will never, I repeat never, go on a date with your hubby for like a year! Medela is the only brand I recommend.
*** Take advantage of the lactation consultant at the hospital. Don't give up, baby was meant to breastfeed and baby can do it!
Cart cover --- Shopping carts are gross. Get one that covers the whole thing. Mine is Winnie the pooh, I don't love the pattern but I love that it covers the front, back and sides.
---Ok, that's all I can think of at this moment. I am sure there will be many more posts to come so check back. Congratulations Mommy!


  1. I agree with everything Leah mentioned. Here is a list of some of the other things I loved. When possible, I'll attach a link so you can see what I'm talking about.

    An Itzbeen

    They've actually come out with these since I had Ava. One of my girlfriends had one though, and I WILL have one with my next baby. It's an all-in-one baby digital timer. You just press one button and it will keep track of the last time you fed on the left side, right side, last diaper change, and last nap! Genius for those first few sleepy weeks when you can't do math...especially for those of us who don't do math well-rested! They come in pink, green, and blue.

    For general baby care:

    A cute basket with fabric liner

    To store a burp rag, your Itzbeen, a pacifier, your Lansinoh, your cell phone, some Kleenex, a small pack of baby wipes, a few diapers, and some chocolate. This way you can have all of your essentials in one place to carry from the bedroom to nursery to living room.

    Dr Brown bottles:

    They're just the best bottles ever. A little more complicated to clean than most but they 100% prevent gassy baby. They also allow the milk to flow a lot like it does from your breast so baby doesn't get confused or frustrated. I think they even make them in glass now if you're freaky about plastic. There's a straw-ish thing inside of them that helps with air flow. They are dishwasher safe too, so no need to boil stuff.


    These are the pacifiers that most hospitals use. Ava LOVED hers. The Soothie is great for breastfeeding babies to use early on without nipple confusion. They even make them vanilla flavored in stores:) Josh and I sweet talked our nurse into giving us like 10 of them on our way out of the hospital. I highly recommend taking as much from the hospital as you can. See next item on list.

  2. Stuff from hospital

    This stuff is yours to take so TAKE IT! Lord knows they've charged you for it.

    The little tub they bathe baby in, it's perfect for the first few weeks of baths at home.

    The fancy styrofoam-covered water pitcher. It's great at keeping your iced water cold without condensation rings. As a new breastfeeding mommy you're going to be parched and drinking water like crazy. Throw a straw in this ghetto-looking pitcher and go to town.

    Any va j-j care products they give you. Take as much personal care items as you can. This includes the sexy mesh panties that are oh-so comfortable to wear once you're back at home. Conveniently 'run out' of the medicines to apply 'down there' so you get more to take home. We had a hard time finding some of the kinds they had in the hospital in the pharmacy. The foamy stuff is HEAVEN. Hoard it girl.

    Belly Bandit

    I didn't find this product until recently, but a friend of ours here in Norman has used it after having her second baby and you would not believe how well it worked. It's just a wrap that you velcro around your tummy for 6 weeks after baby is born and it WILL flatten you back. I will do this next time for sure. Those muscles that help you 'suck in' don't exactly work for a while after baby. Pamper yourself and get back in your skinny jeans!