Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Those silly little fingernails.

Something i didn't think about until my little bundle was born were his sharp little fingernails. Fortunately my wonderful nurse tracked down a tiny, white, long sleeved, little tee with cuffs. He wore this the whole time we were at the hospital and he wore it home! So much for the cutsey little outfit I got for him to come home in! Shirts with cuffs are awesome! Those scratch mittens are a JOKE! Either the elastic is to tight and you are cutting of blood flow to babys fingers or they just fall right off. Point of the story is - get a cute outfit for baby come home in, just make sure it has cuffs!

*Another note, we mommys make all kinds of plans and think things are going to be just so. I ended up with an emergency c-section and by the time we got to go home, I didn't really care what he was wearing (or what I was wearing for that matter)! I was just happy we were going home. Take it all in stride and everything will work out, don't be dissapointed by the things that don't go as you may have planned. The most important thing is that your little family is safe and snug!


  1. Amen sister, to the cuffs and the safe and snug little family.

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